St. Joseph Province Vocations


Timeline of the Life of St. Dominic

Testing by Fire with heretics and St. Dominic

An overview of the life of Holy Father, St. Dominic

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Resources for considering a Dominican Vocation

Most men who come to the Order of Preachers have done a significant amount of research. Here are some important documents if you want a closer look at what shapes the Order of Preachers.

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Who Moved My Book? John Cassian on Voluntary Poverty

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, Scholar with his Books

“Some people hold on to a book so tightly that in fact they do not easily permit another person to read or touch it”

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The Goal of the Friar Preacher

Hieronymous Bosch, The Temptation of St. Anthony

“What are the elements of a religious order that are attractive to me? What is its purpose?”

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Blessed Jordan and St. Albert the Great

Domenico e Alberto Mastroianni, Albert Confides his Doubts to Jordan

“Even the ‘greats’ struggled in discerning their vocations.”
Day 9: Blessed Jordan and St. Albert the Great

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Blessed Jordan’s Preaching

Andrea di Bonaiuto, Exaltación de la Orden Dominica

“…the Lord gave him a special prerogative and grace not only in preaching, but also in conversation, so that wherever and with whomever he was he would never be at a loss for stirring words and pointed illustrations.”
Day 8: Blessed Jordan’s Preaching

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Blessed Jordan and the Salve Procession

Blessed Virgin Sprinkling the Brethren (Priory of the Immaculate Conception, Washington D.C.)

“The brothers had recourse to their singular hope, the most powerful and loving Mary…”
Day 7: Blessed Jordan and the Salve Procession

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Blessed Jordan and St. Dominic’s Relics

“The fragrance lasted for many days afterwards in the hands of those who had touched the relics.”
Day 6: Blessed Jordan and St. Dominic’s Relics

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Blessed Jordan’s Vast Catch

Raphael, Miraculous Draught of Fishes

“When he came, he had many tunics made, trusting in God that he would receive new brothers.”
Day 5: Blessed Jordan’s Vast Catch

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Blessed Jordan and the Dominican Nuns

Gerard von Honthorst, Adoration of the Shepherds

“I send you a very little word, the Word made little in the crib.”
Day 4: Blessed Jordan and the Dominican Nuns

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