This page lists the latest applications and CDs brought to you by the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph. Please check them out!

New Dominican Application: Blackfriars Media

Blackfriars Media
The Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph are proud to announce the release of a new app for mobile devices: Blackfriars Media.

The free app features music from Dominicana Records’ album In Medio Ecclesiae, weekly updates from Word to Life, videos from Blackfriars Media, and more. Enjoy your favorite Dominican programs, find new ones, and share them with others all in one app!

Blackfriars Media is available for Apple devices, Windows phones, and Google systems.

Audio/CD: In Medio Ecclesiae

Click here to buy In Medio Ecclesiae

Recorded in historic St. Dominic’s Church in downtown Washington, D.C., the friars of the Dominican House of Studies, Province of St. Joseph, present In Medio Ecclesiae, the first release from Dominicana Records. Directed by Fr. James Moore, O.P., In Medio Ecclesiae offers some of the finest chant and polyphonic treasures of the Church’s musical tradition as well as two new compositions by Dominican friars. Proceeds from the sale of this album contribute to the educational and other needs of the Dominican students.